The Vanguard Collection, a leading South African brand of exclusive flooring products, has expanded its ranges with the addition of Flagstone, revolutionary new glue-down LVTs that break away from the traditional wood décor to focus on the feel of the built environment.

Flagstone LVTs innovatively feature two natural dark stone washes (Anthracite and Dolomite) as well as two lighter decorative cement stains (Glacier and Ash) to totally break the mould of a LVT market that has become saturated with wood-look ranges.

When used in conjunction with traditional sleek and chic interior flooring, the new Flagstone LVTs – with their almost ‘industrial boldness’ – blend the rough with the smooth to create a contrast that strikingly enhances floor finishes. Local designers have hailed the introduction of this unique concept as Flagstone widens design potential and offers an affordable alternative to real concrete flooring that is messy, expensive, labour-intensive and calls for special concrete technology skills to install.

The Flagstone range consist of 1000mm x 500mm x 2.5mm glue-down tiles, protected with a 0.55mm thick wear layer to make the LVTs totally suitable to handle the foot traffic of commercial and retail installations.

The Vanguard Collection was launched two years ago with just four LVT ranges but has since never stopped growing and gaining in popularity.  To cope with the demand for national availability, Vanguard has partnered with leading flooring contractors throughout South Africa who hold exclusive distribution rights in their respective regions.

Flagstone, as others in The Vanguard Collection ranges, can accommodate underfloor heating of up to 27 degrees Celsius, and is waterproof and suitable for installation in ‘wet’ areas such as bathrooms and toilets. The LVTs carry ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification as well as the European Certificate of Approval. Abrasion-, slip-, and stain- and chemical-resistance are common features in all ranges.

Vanguard’s residential range has a 15-year warranty; and its commercial ranges, a 10-year warranty (both subject to professional installation). The LVTs – which require full bonding to a substrate – are made from virgin vinyl to eliminate the potential health hazards of recycled PVC.