The Vanguard Collection just keeps on growing. The leading South African brand of exclusive flooring products has launched yet another addition to its range: Granite, an aptly-named tufted carpet tile to further strengthen Vanguard’s solid market status.

The new, essentially random-designed, carpet tile takes its inspiration from natural marble and granite stone, with natural veins and flows of colour unmatched in the local market. Completely complementary with The Vanguard Collection’s new Flagstone range of LVTs – which mimic the built environment instead of wooden décor – the new Granite carpet tiles uniquely cater for installations that require natural, organic-looking flooring in both solid and soft material.

Granite is available in six standard stock colours: Amazon Blue, Antique Brown, Brazilian Grey, Cashmere Silver, Northern Glacier and Rustenburg Black, with another six highlight colours soon to be  added to the offering.

Amazon Blue
Cashmere Silver
Antique Brown
Northern Glacier
Brazilian Grey
Rustenburg Black

Aimed at a local heavy commercial market almost totally dominated by linear designs, The Vanguard Collection’s Granite range has opened new potential for designers to create nature-inspired flooring unrestricted by space limitations. The new Solution Dyed Nylon (SDN) tiles are 50cm by 50cm in size.

Carpet produced from SDN yarn is superior to other yarn types in terms of colour retention, durability and performance due to the addition of the colouration and UV stabilisers while the yarn is still in its molten form. SDN yarn is inherently more bleach-resistant than other nylon types with post-dye fibres and furthermore resists abrasion wear and stains better than most other fibres and is also easier to clean.

Launched just over two years ago, The Vanguard Collection has continued to grow in range and popularity. In fact, the soaring national demand has called for exclusive regional distribution rights being awarded to leading flooring contractors throughout South Africa.