Who we are


At Vanguard we relish being the first port of call for home owners, interior designers, architects and corporate clients looking for the unique combination of style and functionality that our luxury flooring offers. Our long term relationships with our customers underpin our reputation for delivering on our commitment to you. That is why we continuously aim to supply you with world-class advice on high quality sustainable luxury flooring that meet ever-changing demands.

Vanguard Flooring Collection
Vanguard Flooring Collection


The depth of experience and expertise that Vanguard Flooring brings to the luxury vinyl flooring and carpet industry, backed by over 55 years of combined knowledge. Leveraging the support and resources of KBAC Flooring, Vanguard Flooring is well-positioned to provide customers with top-notch service and guidance in selecting the right flooring solutions for their commercial or residential needs.


The decision by KBAC Flooring to establish Vanguard Flooring in 2015 demonstrates their commitment to excellence and their proactive approach to meeting customer demands. By offering a dedicated platform for luxury vinyl flooring and carpet products, Vanguard Flooring can focus on delivering specialized expertise and tailored solutions to its clientele.


Additionally, the launch of Spindle & Loom in 2023 marks a strategic expansion into the home décor sector, further showcasing KBAC Flooring’s ambition to diversify and strengthen its brand presence. By offering high-end rugs, tote bags, and baskets through an online store, Spindle & Loom not only expands the company’s product offerings but also opens up new avenues for growth and market reach.


Overall, KBAC Flooring’s strategic initiatives, including the establishment of Vanguard Flooring and Spindle & Loom, highlight their commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and industry leadership. By continually striving to be the best in the business and expanding their brand into new territories, KBAC Flooring solidifies its position as a powerhouse in the flooring and home décor industries.

Our Motivation

We are there to help you create better working and living environments by constantly seeking innovative luxury flooring and carpet solutions that are economically viable quality products from around the world which offer beautiful design, improved aesthetics and functionality.

Vanguard Flooring Collection

Our Ranges

The Vanguard Flooring Collection offers a sophisticated and stylish offering consisting of an exclusive range of carpets and luxury vinyl tiles.