Bravo: This broadloom offers the client a carpet that has a very dense and high cut pile. The results is that the client selects a very durable, high quality broadloom carpet that exudes elegance and luxury.

Delta:  The Delta range is a thicker cut pile carpet which gives a softer feel underfoot with a plush appearance.

Tango: Is a sophisticated cut pile carpet that offers the client a product that doesn’t compromise on quality whilst still giving the appearance of a luxurious carpet.


Vanguard Collection- B- Aerospace D- Agera T-Bell

BRAVO - Aerospace
DELTA - Agera
TANGO - Bell 205

Vanguard Collection- B- Crimson Phoenix D- Starbuster T-Eurocopter

BRAVO - Crimson Phoenix
DELTA - Starbuster
TANGO - Eurocopter

Vanguard Collection- B- Distinction D- Furious T-All Black

BRAVO - Distinction
DELTA - Furious
TANGO - All Black

Vanguard Collection- B- Echo D- Air Borne T-Rotor Blade

BRAVO - Echo
DELTA - Air Bourne
TANGO - Rotor Blade

Vanguard Collection- B- Fox Trot D- Glide T-Touch Down

BRAVO - Fox Trot
DELTA - Glide
TANGO - Touch Down

Vanguard Collection- B- Silver Star D- Speed X T-Silorsky

BRAVO - Silver Star
DELTA - SpeedX
TANGO - Silorsky

Vanguard Collection- B- Valour D- Concord T-Black hawk down

BRAVO - Valour
DELTA - Concord
TANGO - Black Hawk Down

Vanguard Collection- B-Bronze Star D- Fire Brand T-Notar

BRAVO - Bronze Star
DELTA - Fire Brand
TANGO - Notar

Technical Specifications