By Jan de Beer

The Vanguard Collection has replaced the colour ranges of its acclaimed Plantation and Woodlands ranges of luxury vinyl planks to keep abreast of new trends and the design market preferences.

Increasingly popular, The Vanguard Collection of luxury vinyl planks (LVP) also includes the Nature’s Look, and Flagstone ranges – all providing sophisticated and stylish wooden vinyl flooring for both commercial and residential installations.

Vanguard’s Plantation range, with its sleek and contemporary wooden look, is now available in six colours that feature variations in shade to mimic genuine oiled, solid wooden floors. The 2.5mm thick planks have an IRE registered embossed finish to give the plank patterns an authentic three-dimensional appearance. With a heavy robust 0.55mm wear layer for durability, the luxury vinyl planks offer maximum protection against the pounding of heavy foot traffic, particularly in commercial environments but they would be equally at home in domestic situations.

Designers – and installers – will welcome the versatile flooring options offered by Plantation’s narrow width (177.8mm) and relatively short length (1219.2mm). Laying patterns such as herringbone and basket weave tend to be more striking and achievable with smaller-sized planks.


Plantation is now available in five colourlines: Ash Grey, Espresso Brown, Oiled Oak, Pale French Oak, Wheat Oak, with a sixth new colour, Pewter Oak, available from July 2019. Each colour has contrasting shading across the planks to create “movement” of the wooden flooring through interplay with its colouring. There are relatively few knots in the patterns to create a calmer appearance than the knotty and rougher rustic look of The Vanguard Collection’s Nature’s Look and Woodlands ranges.


Woodlands, The Vanguard Collection’s other LVT to be re-coloured, is a bold, boisterous oak wood range with six vivid and eye-catching colours that accentuate the planks’ dramatic knots and contrasting oak wood grains. The range’s colourline now comprises: European Honey, Cool Grey, Nougat Oak, Golden Oak, Chocolate Oak and Toffee Oak with another new colour, Leadwood Oak, to be added in July this year as well. The visual appeal is – as in Plantation – enhanced by IRE registered embossed surfaces and the range is also robust enough to cope with the most demanding commercial or domestic installation.

Woodlands features the widest (228.6mm) and longest (1524mm) planks in The Vanguard Collection.

Launched two years ago with just four LVT ranges, The Vanguard Collection has continued to grow in both ranges and popularity. To cope with increasing demand nationally, Vanguard has partnered with leading flooring contractors throughout South Africa who hold exclusive distribution rights in their respective regions.

Download our brochures on these two ranges here.